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Alimony Attorney in Rockville, Maryland

The issue of ongoing support after a divorce is often contentious. The two sides of a divorce often have very different ideas about what is fair in terms of alimony. At Gardner Law Firm, P.C, you get the advice and experienced representation you need to ensure that your rights are protected in terms of spousal support. If you need an alimony attorney in Rockville, MD, give us a call today.

The Purpose of Alimony

In Maryland, alimony is generally awarded to a party with the intent of helping that party gain or regain the ability to self-support. This kind of alimony is rehabilitative in nature and is often ordered for a limited time period. It might be ordered so that one party can go back to school and finish a degree, for example.

Less common is alimony ordered with no set expiration. Indefinite alimony is generally reserved for situations where one spouse cannot and will not be able to self-support. It can also be ordered when there is an unusually large gap between the standard of living of the two spouses. Relatively few marriages involve such a gap and meet the requirements necessary to justify an award of alimony. Contact us today to start speaking with an alimony attorney.

What the Court Is Considering

Many factors can be considered by the judge when deciding on alimony. It is important to present accurate and compelling evidence to give the judge all the pertinent information so the decision will be made correctly. Among the factors that judges consider are the length of the marriage, the age of the parties, the health of the parties, the financial condition of the parties during the marriage, the justifications for the divorce, and many more.

Getting It Right the First Time

Alimony is ordered before the marriage is officially terminated. After a divorce is final, the issue of alimony cannot be revisited. Any agreements made regarding alimony are likely to be maintained in the final judgment. It is vital to get the issue of alimony right during your divorce. At Gardner Law Firm, P.C, you get the skill and experience you need to represent your interests in an alimony proceeding. Contact the firm online or call to schedule a consultation today.