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Child Custody Attorney in Rockville, Maryland

Concerns about parenting and custody are likely your most pressing issue if you are considering divorce. What parent wants to be told when they can and cannot see their child? You may have put off getting a divorce far past the point where the relationship turned sour because you didn't want to consider splitting parenting time. This points to how important it is to have the right child custody attorney on your side when the time comes.

Your Best Interests and the Best Interests of Your Children

At Gardner Law Firm, P.C, your child custody case will get the attention and care it deserves. David C. Gardner has extensive experience negotiating custody and visitation rights in Rockville, MD, as well as fighting for the right determination in court. Whether your case involves a negotiated agreement or is litigated before a judge, the courts use the same standard to review it. The best interests of the child control the final determination of custody under Maryland law.

There are many factors that courts use to decide what is in your child's best interests. In many cases, the court will be looking to find an arrangement that will least upset the child's life. Has one parent been providing most of the care up to this point? Does one parent live closer to the child's school or social circle? Is one parent better equipped to help the child maintain relationships with extended family members? Does the child have a preference concerning custody?

The Impact of Parental Agreements

A parenting plan is an agreement between parents concerning how the child will be cared for going forward. A legal parenting plan must be outlined in writing. That said, courts will look at how your child is being cared for while your divorce is under way even in the absence of a written agreement. If one parent leaves the child in the care of the other during the breakup, the courts will consider that when making a custody determination. It is important to work together with your co-parent for the best interests of your child, but it is also important to prioritize your wishes with regard to an ongoing relationship with your child. Having an experienced child custody attorney on your side early in the process can make it far easier to make the right decisions to protect your parental rights.

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