Case Results

HOA Case for An Association

Mr. Gardner rewrote the Declaration of Covenants and Bylaws for an Association and assisted the Board in having them adopted by the members in order to provide the Association authority to impose the assessments that were needed to reconstruct a dam on Association property. He also assisted the Association in obtaining a low-interest loan from the State of Maryland to pay the cost of the project

HOA Case for a Homeowner

Mr. Gardner obtained a declaratory judgment from the Circuit Court authorizing a homeowner construct a detached garage on his property after the homeowners application was denied by the association. He established that the Association did not follow the required procedures contained in the governing documents when it denied his clients' application.

Personal Injury Case

$250,000 Settlement

Mr. Gardner successfully settled a case for policy limits involving a pedestrian who broke his leg when he was struck by a car in a crosswalk near a local high school.

Custody Case

Mr. Gardner represented a father who was awarded custody of four children after their mother moved out and removed the children from the only home they had known. He established that the children wanted to remain in the home and that the father could better provide for them than their mother.

Collection Case

Mr. Gardner successfully sold a home at a sheriff's sale in payment of a judgment by the district court. The owner filed exceptions to the sale which were denied by the Circuit Court and the sale is currently being ratified, after which the purchaser will pay $20,000 to Mr. Gardner's client for homeowner association fees which have not been paid in many years.