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Civil Litigation Attorney in Rockville, Maryland

Civil litigation is a broad term that involves any type of litigation that does not involve criminal, juvenile, family law, or landlord-tenant issues. Generally, civil litigation involves a monetary dispute, but it may also involve a request for equitable relief such as an injunction (an order requiring someone to do something), a declaratory judgment (an order declaring the rights of parties to a contract in dispute) or a suit for specific performance (an order requiring the sale of real property).

Gardner Law Firm, P.C in Rockville, MD handles a wide range of civil litigation cases in the District and Circuit Courts of Maryland, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your case and determine if you need legal counsel to assist you. A sampling of the cases David C. Gardner has handled include numerous collection suits for monies owed to contractors and subcontractors, litigation of real estate commission disputes, intrafamily money disputes, partnership disputes, and suits to compel the sale of real estate. Contact us today to speak with our civil litigation attorney. You can rely on our civil litigation attorney to assist you.