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Personal Injury

The Maryland personal injury attorneys at David Gardner Law are experienced and knowledgeable in all matters related to the practice of personal injury and other types of law. Mr. Gardner has successfully handled hundreds of accident cases and either settled cases or sued the negligent party in court. You don’t have to be the victim of a personal injury accident. You can sue the negligent party for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Call David Gardner today.

Types of Accidents
There are many different ways for a person to become seriously injured in an accident. The most frequent cause of serious injury is being involved in an automobile accident. You could have collided with another automobile, a truck, motorcycle or have been the victim of roadside construction negligence. Slipping and falling, or tripping and falling in a shopping mall, grocery store, parking lot or anyone’s personal property can cause severe injuries that require medical attention.

Being injured in an accident due to the negligence of another can have permanent, life-altering consequences. A family breadwinner may become disabled and incapable of working causing unpaid bills to rapidly pile up. A person could face the loss of their home, car, or children’s private schooling. Serious injuries could require permanent, full-time nursing care to execute even the most routine of life’s functions like eating, bathing, and using the toilet.

Car Accident Injuries
The types of injury you many have suffered are literally unlimited and usually are a combination of many different injuries. Three of the most common forms of serious injuries are to the spinal cord, brain and the mangling of limbs.

Spinal Cord Injuries – A severed or broken vertebrae can leave an accident victim unable to move their arms or legs depending on where in the spine the break occurs. Paralysis can be temporary but is frequently permanent and the victim could require full-time permanent care.

Traumatic Brain Injuries – Car accidents, slip and falls and workplace accident can cause a person to strike their heads and suffer a concussion. Extreme cases of brain injuries can leave a patient with amnesia or dementia.

Amputations – It is not hard to imagine how easy it is to have a foot, leg, hand or arm mangled to the extent that amputation is required. When sheet metal is twisted and ripped during a high-impact collision, the metal can become like the blade of a sword and slice through a person in less than a split second.

No matter the type or circumstances of your personal injury, from automobile accidents to slips, trips and falls, call the law offices of Maryland personal injury attorney David Gardner today.